Things That Do Not Go Together

There are some things in life that simply don't go together. This is a picture of Jady in Paris. Jady and Paris do not go well together. Here are a few things I have experienced do not go well with each other.

* Late nights & hair color
* Sarah Oliver & hair color - love you Sarah, but it turned out peach.
* Hiccups and liquid eyeliner
* Librarys and headphones - because I sing along outloud forgetting people can hear
* Bare feet and dog poop
* Tires and nails
* Godzilla and Tokyo
* Brushing your teeth and sneezing ( dad mentioned this the other day )
* Contact lenses and the beach
* Dresses and floor vents
* Toyota and Detroit
* Time with Jesus and laying down
* Camping and Myself
* My brother and hipsters
* Boredom and cars full of gas - I once drove to Louisiana with a friend late one night because
we were bored...quite a story. I'll save it for another day. And we forgot to
bring money. Oops.
* Prom and using money wisely - why did we spend SO much money on that event? Anyone still talk
to your prom date? Me neither.

Well, that's all I have this morning. What can you come up with?