Rapture, Doomsday, End of the World, May 21st - My Thoughts

I'm sure you have all heard that the world is ending tomorrow. Millions of people are anxious - if that is you, please keep reading. Everyone is laughing nervously and making jokes...but I'm sure it is making people think. People will put their heads on their pillows saying that it is ridiculous, but they are a bit fearful anyway. Especially considering what a crazy year it has been. Earthquakes, nuclear leaks, flooding and all...

People have been selling rapture insurance. It's all over the news. You can buy a special rapture insurance so that if you get raptured people will come & place your pets in a new home. I think that of all the people left behind, I wouldn't be so concerned about my pets...but then again I didn't buy the insurance.

The topic of the world ending is out there. Amazing the conversation that one man can start. There are two people I want to talk to tonight. I know from looking at my stats that there are people who find my posts through random google searches. Many I assume do not know Jesus. The second are regular readers, most but not all of whom are Christians.

Some of you are finding yourself searching for answers tonight. Pushing through fear and uncertainty to explore the question of the earth's destiny & yours. If that is you, please know that Jesus loves you very much. His desire for you is that you would be in a relationship with Him. In Jesus there is complete peace, fullness of joy, acceptance like you never imagined and freedom that will make you cry. He has plans and purposes for your life. God made you with a beautiful plan in mind. He is extending His hand to you tonight. I don't think that the rapture is tomorrow, but God is still pursuing you. You can choose to follow Jesus right now. Tell Him that you are an imperfect, broken & sinful person (God loves those by the way). Tell God that you receive the salvation that Jesus paid for on the Cross & then ask Jesus to come into your life and fill you. Then listen. Sit still and listen because God wants to talk to you. You can email me at the email listed in the "about lark & bloom section". I'd love to hear from you and answer your questions.

For the rest of you...The whole world is talking about the return of Jesus...lets talk about it with them. I know we are all annoyed by the doomsday prophets. What if we were just as loud as they were? Prophesying hope, joy, salvation and freedom. Take advantage of this global conversation to portray the heart of God. The world is awake to the Gospel this weekend. Participate.