All Creatures Great & Small

Well, Sophie got sick last week. Then she passed the stomach bug to Tait. Once he recovered the little houseguest made its way to my tummy. Finally, we are better. Sorry for my absence, but now I am back.

So, All Creatures Great & Small. Two reasons that this post formed in my head. First, I ( a full sized adult ) was completely put under by something probably smaller than a pen head. Second, I am watching Jurassic Park. (can you believe that it is almost a 20 year old movie???)

Great & Small. These dinosaurs are quite great. Very large & formidable. I'm not sure how scientific this movie is but I have seen fossils and they confirm that dinosaurs were great. Probably seeming invincible, indestructible and impossible to defeat to whoever was alive in those days. ( lets not use this as a forum for discussing views on the timeline of life on the planet...)

And yet they are gone. I don't know where they went & quite frankly neither do you. Regardless of what you think. Very small things did quite a bit of damage too. Take the bubonic plague. It killed 75 million people in three years during a period know as the "Black Death". That is a mean little bug.

I'm sure if you had been alive to have been chased by a dinosaur or observed the devastation of a plague that destroyed a continent, they would have seemed impossible to outrun or overcome. And yet, they didn't last. Something defeated them. Theories abound but creatures which ruled the earth in one way or another were replaced. The earth & its people rebounded.

I find this a strangely hopeful thought. If you read my previous post you know that I have been getting real with fear. My own plagues & my own beasts. I don't know what yours are, but you have them. The things that seem to dictate your life. Financial burdens, dysfunctional families, singleness, an unhappy marriage, depression, eating disorders, maybe you aren't able to have children...whatever, we all have them. It seems like nothing can remove them.  And yet, T-Rex is here no more.

Your beasts & plagues aren't as powerful as they seem. Neither are mine. Strangely Hopeful. I can't say what happened to dinosaurs & bubonic plagues, but I do know what will remove the power from our adversaries. Jesus breaks through, looks the beasts in the eyes and His fire consumes them. Jesus breaks through, and breathes life back into dead bones.

Perhaps these aren't the things you think of when you are overcoming a stomach bug & watching Jurassic Park...but, hey. I do. So, don't bow down to your plagues & your beasts. And please do not attempt to recreate prehistoric animals in a remote island park. It doesn't end well.