Qualifications & Honor

This is a soundboard. Something I am NOT qualified to use & will bring me NO honor.

The fantastic part of having the internet, apps, tweets, texts or whatever so readily available is that you have more information than you can imagine. The depressing part of the internet is that you have all of that information so readily available. Now that you can see a mass of news and statistics, you feel like you are the smallest micro-fish ( if there is such a thing) in an infinite ocean. No one knows that you are dealing with a divorce, but everyone knows that Kate Middleton went grocery shopping. Everyone wants to know what Brad Pitt had for lunch, but no one notices when your depression begins to spiral and causes you to nearly disappear within yourself. 
Lets just cut to the chase here and get gut honest. Sometimes it really bums me out. The world isn't ever going to ask me where I get my hair cut, or do a 20/20 episode on what I think about some particular topic. I see that there appear to be thousands of other people doing the same thing I am doing. And doing the same thing that you do. Pastors, entrepreneurs, teachers, writers, athletes, fashion designers, worship leaders, doctors...thousands trying to excel. Wow. That's a lot of competition. 
If you are like me you , this makes you feel unqualified to do anything. Someone else has always been better. Thanks to the internet now we KNOW that there is someone better. I can see that no one re-tweeted my tweets. I can also see that some other persons tweet went viral. I can get facts and figures on how someone else in the same line of work is doing it better. Or has mega influence. I saw that my blog got 60 followers, then I visited another girl's blog who had almost 5,000. Yes, 5,000. Uugh. Stupid blogger girl. Why are you "better" than me???
Maybe at work it seems that the same people are always invited to participate in the meetings you want in on. But, no one notices your qualifications. Do I even have qualifications anyway? I majored in Political Science, planted a church and am a stay at home mom. What do those qualify me to do? Umm...maybe write a small blog on God, the state of the earth and my kids? Yep. Thats about all it feels like sometimes. And if you have read many posts, you realize thats what they are all about. 
We all feel under qualified and out shined. Big dreams stuffed into small shoes. Stuck and unable to go anywhere. But there is hope! This is the killer part. We are not qualified by our resume, our experience or our track record. We are qualified by God alone. Don't believe me? Read Colossians 1:12. 
God qualifies me, because He called me. We each have a calling and a kingdom destiny. No one else can do it. Steve Jobs is awesome. But, if he wrote a sit-com, no one would watch it. Jerry Seinfeld is a mega successful comedian. If he designed a computer it would fail miserably. We are all qualified, just not to do the same thing. 
I can so easily think that one purpose or role is more important than another. Or that one gets more honor. But, you knew who both Steve Jobs & Jerry Seinfeld were. Totally different, but loved and appreciated. You are qualified to fill a spot that I couldn't fill. I am called to live out something that you wouldn't have a chance at doing. In God we are all qualified. Different purposes, different abilities. One God who makes it all happen for us. 
Our 'influence' and 'success'  are lost on God. He doesn't honor what we are qualified to do, He honors the way in which we do it. Bravely, whole-heartedly and with a desire to glorify the One who is worthy. Each of us has a task at hand that is custom made for us. Think about it...What is yours?