How To...Impact Africa

This is Sadie & she is going to change the world.

I am in love with Uganda. Primarily, because I am adopting two adorable kids from there. Also, it is a nation that has faced tremendous oppression, but is courageously mending.
Here are some facts about Uganda that you might find interesting.
               Population: 22 million
               In the past twenty years 30,000 children have been kidnapped and used as child soldiers    in Uganda.
               The country has 2 million orphans. Approximately half are orphaned due to AIDS.
               Due to war, corruption and economic hardship there are 1 million internally displaced people in Uganda.
You may or may not know that from 2005-2011 my husband and I were senior leaders at a Mosaic Community Church in Seattle. I found out that one of the college students who we pastored during our time there is going to serve the nation of Uganda for eight months. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and I asked here to share a bit about her decision to spend a year of her life in Africa. Here is what she had to say:

My name is Sadie Galbreath. I’m a sociologist (as in I have a sociology degree), a graduate of Seattle Pacific University, an older sister and most importantly, a follower of Jesus.
When I began the process of looking for what to do post-college graduation, I was striving for what would look good on a resume. I wanted to serve in some way, but I also wanted to be somewhat practical. So I applied for Teach for America and looked into things like the Peace Corps. Through the process of pursing these I realized that this wasn’t what God had for me. So, I looked into other internships.
There was an internship with International Justice Mission, another with the Navigators and the final was the Serve:Project with Antioch Ministries International. My initial preference was in just that order. But, during my interview with IJM, I realized when they asked me why I wanted the internship that it wasn’t actually one I wanted. It’s an awesome organization, but this internship was more administrative than I was hoping for. When deciding between the two remaining, I sought so much advice that I thought myself in circles. I was then encouraged to stop listening to people and try to listen to what the Lord was saying about it all. I prayed about it and intentionally listened for five days. At the end of the fifth day, I was confident that the Lord wanted me to do the Serve:Project in Uganda. I don’t know what will come after this year, but just as this has been a phenomenal surprise, I know God has good plans for later, however they come to pass.
In Uganda, our team of fourteen and our three team leaders will be working with the long term missionaries in Uganda. Our vision is to see a church planted in Gulu that plants churches in surrounding villages, throughout Uganda and into other parts of Africa. They have currently seen 5 churches planted in neighboring villages! We will be spending our eight months there loving people & telling them about Jesus. I will have the beautiful opportunity to disciple Ugandan women and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m honored by this opportunity and I know that I will learn and grow so much. But one of my favorite parts is that I’m not heading to another part of the world to do something completely new. I am simply continuing to participate in the Kingdom of God, just in a spot I’ve never been before. I’m excited to do life in Christian community, consistently reaching out to people in Uganda in the ways we did in Seattle.
Please pray to see if the Lord would have you partner with me in this part of what He is doing in Uganda. I know He calls different people to different things during the seasons of life. This is where He is calling me now, but I know others have been called to be lawyers or teachers or pizza makers at this point in their lives. Regardless, it is awesome – He is doing good things. But none of us can do it alone. I would greatly appreciate prayer and/or financial support as you feel led and I would love to pray for you too! 
After talking to Sadie I found out that she is having to raise support to go and serve the people of Gulu Uganda. Here is how it works:
               She is needing $371.45 in monthly commitments for her 8 months in Uganda
               She needs $460 in one time gifts.
               The agency she is going with is Antioch Ministries International and all contributions are tax deductible.
Most of us don't have lots of extra resources right now. But, maybe we could give up one cup of Starbucks a week and send that money to Sadie. No matter how small the gift, they add up and they matter. They matter to God and they matter to the women of Uganda that Sadie will be reaching. Would you please pray about supporting her? I don't do things like this lightly, but I really believe in her and this 8 month project. Whether you want to give, or simply pray for her...the details are below. Have a fabulous weekend!
-Monthly support will continue through May 2012.
-If you would like to support Sadie monthly you can email and she can set it up for you.
- If you would like to send a one time gift write a check made out to Antioch. And attach a note indicating that it is for Sadie Glabreath)
Mail to: Antioch Ministries International 
505 N. 20th Street
Waco, TX 76707
-If you have any questions or would like to receive her email updates while she is in Uganda, you can email Sadie at :
Your gift to AMI is tax deductible. Donations are solicited with the understanding that AMI has complete discretion and control over all donated funds. In practice AMI implements donor instructions whenever possible.