Coffee With Gaddafi

I have coffee with Gaddafi almost every morning. He has become a familiar face in my daily schedule. I get up out of bed, spend time with Jesus, then grab some coffee and browse the news. And there he is. Every morning, just like clockwork, Gaddafi greets me.

There is always an article about Libya and it's fallen leader. Whenever I see his face I catch myself thinking, "Was it worth it?".

Was all of this worth it? Seizing the government in a coup d'etat in 1961. Oppressing people. Killing people. Controlling what goes in and out. Building a society around your beliefs and ideology. Changing the names of the months on your calendar...was it all worth it?

I think through his long list of actions. Actions that amassed hatred for him throughout the world, especially among his own people. Now he is in hiding, his family has fled into Algeria. He lost a son and three grandchildren back in May due to fighting.

For what? I can't imagine that he is happy. I can't imagine that he is satisfied. It must be such a strange feeling. Coming to the end of false authority and a lifetime of striving only to realize that it didn't work. He lost. In the end Gaddafi lost. Until the day he dies no one will let him forget his magnificent fall from a pretend stage. A broken man who only got the part because his gun was bigger than the other guy's.

Was the price worth the prize? I would love to talk to him someday & find out. My heart goes to Libya. A brave people who are willing to pay the price that their nation would be free. I pray that a just government is put in place and that deep joy and hope take seed there. The best is ahead of you Libya.

And to you Gaddafi, goodnight. I'll see you in the morning.