For The King & His Kingdom

Preparing a way for King & Kingdom

I lay in bed some nights listening to the silence. In the night all sound is magnified and each glimmer of light is captivating as it contrasts its surroundings - casting shadows and distorting shapes. The other night I laid quietly still. Watching headlights pass through the window and run across my bedroom wall. 
Tucked into my covers I heard the old pounding of my heart. Faint yet earnest. For the King & His Kingdom. I thought about the great sum of people surrounding the globe whose hearts knew the same pounding as my own. A grandmother in Russia. An engineer in downtown Tokyo. The young coffee farmer in Kenya. A pottery teacher in Canada. An orphan in Mexico. A slave in India. A broker in England...For the King & His Kingdom... all beating in a simple yet collectively profound pattern. 
I lay there and my heart beat along with all these others. Louder than sound itself and deeper than time. The pounding of creation calling for Fullness. The eternal echo of God's people. We carry the King. We belong to His Kingdom.
Other's want to know the song. Their hearts beg for a King & His Kingdom. They lay in the darkness of their beds with no eternal heartbeat. Alone with their unknown longing to join in the ancient chant... For the King & His Kingdom. 

Hollow eyes scan the night looking for signs of light. Hope, purpose, value, identity...anything to give them meaning. What we do is for them. Every decision, every day. Each face we see but so often look past...we must stop and say, "Do you hear it? Do you hear your heart pounding the cry of creation? You were meant to carry the King and you are made to belong in His Kingdom." Then we go on, together chanting:
For the King & His Kingdom,
For the King & His Kingdom,
For the King & His Kingdom...