Things I will Ignore

I will ignore the fact that I awkwardly tilt my head in photos.

I make a lot of list for my life. Things to do, people to call, shopping lists... Well, I am going to make a list of things to ignore. Here is my 'To Ignore' list:
  • Ignore the pile of paper. I could sort through it, but then I would have a 'recycle paper' pile, a 'file it' pile, a 'respond' pile...If I ignore the pile then there is only one pile. If I sort it then I end up with three separate piles, which  I will end up ignoring...
  • Ignore the plants. If you know me well, you know that I will forget to water them. Or I will water them to much or too little. So, I will just ignore them and let nature take its course. 
  • Ignore  glass surfaces. This drives my husband nuts. I will drive with a filthy windshield and not notice, have smudges larger than my eyeballs on my glasses & not see them. I just don't notice, so I will stop trying. 
  • Ignore the other pile of...uh, what is that? I have no idea what that is... Just push it into the corner...
  • Ignore dry cleaning labels. I am sure that I am ruining my clothes, but I can't afford dry cleaning. So, I take my chances.
  • Ignore the plants some more.
  • Ignore updates for my iPhone. This also drives my husband nuts. I will go months without updating or backing up my phone. Once I had to take my phone in because it wasn't working well. "Oh hi mac-store-man! What? When was the last time I updated my phone? Ugh...about 9 months ago..." This confession was followed by feelings of embarrassment and guilt, which I immediately ignored.
Alright, that is my 'To Ignore' list. Feel free to share with me yours!