Sometimes God Forgets

It seems like God abandons projects before they are finished.

I think I speak for all of us that it seems like God can be forgetful. I know we don't like to admit that, but if we are honest there are sore spots on our hearts it feels like God has neglected. I wrote an entry a few months ago, Why Hope Hurts. I revisited the thought this morning.
When I had my second child I had tons of false labor. I would feel the contractions. "This is it! He is on his way!". But then they would stop just as suddenly as the started. It was disappointing, but I still knew that he was going to be born. It was obvious that it would be soon. I had a bulging belly to prove it. Not so with the promises of God.
I don't have physical evidence like I did when I was pregnant. I have the opportunity to think that I am making this all up. I never heard God promise me anything. I look at all the reasons I have NOT to believe Him. Indeed it seems like He forgot. 
I know God has promised things. I believe them, I pray for them. There are moments where it seems like my dreams are gaining traction. My soul lifts. "Finally'!" I think. Then I let my mind go. It starts to think about where this momentum is headed. I plan it out in my brain. I get attached to my plan in my heart...and then God takes it a different direction. Disappointment washes over me. Again. 
Maybe you feel He has forgotten your promises too? The promise of a spouse, a certain job, the chance to use your giftings in a 'big' way. Perhaps you have dreamed about going to a certain nation to tell them about Jesus, maybe you have been praying for God to heal your depression, or bring a prodigal child home. The promise of a baby that has resulted in nothing. For years. We all feel we have a barren womb in some area.
So, did He forget? Is He cruel? Does He not listen when we cry in weary places? No. He hasn't forgotten. He is leading us to His promises even today. I am a follower of Jesus. That means I hold his hand and follow him. Not lead him. I trust Him and I eagerly go where He takes me because I know it is good and it is part of a loving plan for me. When I get frustrated and impatient I let Him comfort me.
You see, I have learned this: The promises of God and His pathways often seem disconnected. But God is a God who holds all things together. If I take His hand He will lead me from glory to glory.