They Did Something

When the generations to come look back on us, and shine light onto our years spent on earth...what will they see? When historians sit down to write a chapter on our years of life, what will it say? The history of the earth is comprised by stories of men & women like you and me. Experiences compressed through time to make a greater story. This is our moment to tell our story. What will it be?
I don't care if they know who I was or who you were. It doesn't matter if they list the church that had the most campuses or the pastors who spoke at the major conferences. Our names won't matter, but what we did will. 
I hope that when the historian writes about the people of God in our generation that he will say this:
They did something. The world around was falling apart, but the people of God did something. Their plans weren't perfect, but regardless of failure they got up and kept going. The Church didn't make excuses, they made progress. Their short-comings didn't haunt them. They didn't gossip the gospel, they lived it. They advanced it. Each one looking at the brokenness in front of them and responding. Big or small. There were no ordinary days. The Church in  that century found their voice. A mighty voice that roared on behalf of the silent. 

They were driven by a love for the Greater. They solved social problems previously thought un-solvable. When they grew weary they rested in the presence of God and drew from wells that never ran dry. The people of God never gave up. They sat around their kitchen tables dreaming into the Kingdom. While riding in their cars they called upon heaven to intervene on behalf of the disenfranchised. Miraculous things happened. There were no ordinary days.

Each one took the tools they had and worked. Labored - remembering the stories of generations before them. Holding to the testimony that has preceded them. The vision was greater than a fleeting pleasure, and righteousness grew in their midst. They risked everything knowing that Eternity calls their name.
There were no ordinary days. 

History may have forgotten their names and faces, but a greater Kingdom knows them well. 
The fruit of this generation is still being harvested today. A group of courageous people who stood up when they didn't have to. They did something. 

In the Kingdom there are no ordinary days. Lets give the historians something to write about. Lets do something.