Lessons From My 20s: The 'Next Big Thing' is usually small

27 days until I turn thirty. Today's lesson from my 20s: The "Next Big Thing" is usually small

My dog is big...my daughter is small.

We often think that the best is the biggest. So when looking at the futures of ministry, parenting, job markets, business strategies, and investments we often look at what seems to have all the hype around it at the moment. 

Things that enter the scene with a bang usually leave with a fizzle. They die out. It was ballooned hype. When a controversial pastor gains sudden influence because of his or her approach to ministry we want to hop on the band wagon. I mean, look how many people follow them on twitter! They must be doing something right.
A few celebrities loose a bunch of weight by taking some supplement. Eating healthy and exercising is so archaic. I'm sure that our bodies have evolved to where all they need is a supplement. The famous girl said so. Pass me my venti white chocolate frappe please. This nifty pill will help me burn off the fat...until the FDA bans it in 5 years.
New trends aren't bad. Its just that they rarely last. How many of you guys still do Tae bo? Don't put all your eggs in a basket just because it has a sudden flash of momentum. People are fickle. They will move on to Zumba in a few years. 
Long term change is brought in small increments. Slowly building vision and values into people. Gradually developing a following based on conviction and not just good marketing. Apple slowly changed the face of technology by slowly growing into their influence. They have a solid business based on years of work that can sustain the explosive advancement in the tech market. 
When I look at my life and think of what I who to be, or marks I want to make in my generation I can easily be swayed by the 'big thing'. The thing everyone is tweeting, blogging and having conferences about. It is easy to want to attach myself to something that seems to be surging so I can gain ground. 
But I have learned that the real next 'big things' start small. They start simply. Built with conviction and wisdom. To get to be the woman I want to become I don't attach myself to what seems to be the influential and most popular approach to something. I attach myself to the thing which will change my character, my lifestyle, and sharpen my gifting. I attach to discipline and hard work. I attach to what will make become who I want to be not just carry me a few feet. 
Bubbles always burst. Foundations last.