Lessons From My 20s: Passion Can Push You Past Your Excuses

In my twenties I have found that I am full of excuses. Some of them are silly and others of them are legitimate reasons why I shouldn't be able to do something. I'm sure you have your own, but I will let you in on a few of my classic 'go-to' excuses.
  • I can't afford it
  • Someone else would be better for it. 
  • I don't have the time.  
  • I have kids. 
  • No one asked me to do it.
  • It may not work.
I really could go on and on. I shouldn't lead because people won't follow me. Or I dont' know exactly where God is leading me next & I don't want to self-lead. So I won't move.
I sit. I wait. Waiting for more money, more time, more resources, no family responsibilities, a fool-proof plan, and some kind of guarantee. My excuses aren't ridiculous. Take adoption for example. We are currently adopting 2 kids from Uganda. 
We are living lean on what we currently make without adding in the two new kids. I know that I am not a perfect parent. I don't have tons of time. I currently have 2 kids, so I don't NEED to adopt. Uganda didn't call and ask me to nor did God write with fire on a wall during my quiet time. It may be really hard. It may not work the way I imagine.
BUT. I trust that God will provide more as our family grows bigger. God will shape me & I will grow in motherhood. I can make time. I can quit Pinterest, and re-organize my life. I will put good things down to make room for more important ones. I trust that I heard God even though it was a still & small voice. When it gets hard, God will give me the strength I need.
We all have tons of reasons why we shouldn't do what God asks us to. Or what we dream about. Passion pushes us past our excuses. I am passionate that kids don't grow up hungry, lonely and abandoned. So passionate that I will look at every reason 'not to' and walk past it. 
Passion does that. We don't need to work on ridding our world of excuses, because there will always be a new one. We need to work on growing and increasing our passion. If you really burn for something, you will make a way for it. God makes up for our lack. In our weakness He is strong. 
Re-charge your passion. Read about the issues God has put in your heart. Pray about them. Learn more. Fix your eyes on who Jesus is. Talk to Him. Remember what puts fire in your bones. Remember the moments & conversations that have shaped you. Do something. Act. 
We have to quit waiting for all our ducks to be in a row. They won't be in a row. Just move forward. Live the Gospel. Be passionate about Christ & His plans for this earth. His plans for the people alive on the planet today & the issues facing them. 
Cut out the mediocre things. Live the meaningful ones. Cultivate a passion that pushes you past your excuses. You never know. You just might change the world.