Lessons From My 20s: Marry The Right Person

Okay, this is perhaps one of my favorite lessons!

How cute is my husband?
I was 21 when I got married. Looking back that seems so young, but I was in love. It was the best decision I ever made. 
Love has been the topic of conversation for centuries. Literature, paintings, traditions are full of the pursuit of love. I'm sure it has always seemed like a muddled idea, but in our generation 'love' is incredibly confusing. 
We see shows where people fall in 'love' within a matter of weeks while elaborate dates are set up for them. Movies are portraying the incredibly romantic journey of some fictitious couple. Social media sites allow us to update our status regarding our relationships. It's all so easy. Falling in love seems to be almost pre-scripted.
We are all so good at falling in love. I'm pretty sure there is even a Pandora station for it. Our problem these days seems to be staying in love. Life is hard. Relationships are hard. It takes a lot of work to make something work. Twitter has taught us how to have conversations in 140 characters or less. Intimacy doesn't happen in 140 characters. 
I love being married to Jady. Here are a few reasons why he is the perfect man for me:
  • He loves Jesus more than anything else.
  • He loves me regardless of all my shortcomings & he doesn't expect me to be perfect.
  • The man loves fashion & wants to go shopping with me. 
  • I am dumbfounded by his creativity sometimes. I don't know anyone else who is as creative as he is.
  • The man could lead an army. Really. He can rally people like no body's business. 
  • He wants me to have my own dreams & helps me make them happen.
  • I like to dream big & run hard. He dreams bigger & runs harder. I love it.
Honestly, this post could go on for pages. In my 20s I have learned that love isn't for cowards. Marriage doesn't solve all my problems. Life has ups & downs. I want Jady next to me for all of them. I married the right man.