Lessons From My 20s: Three Solid Opinions

Tonight I am sharing with you three opinions I have formed in my 20s. Don't hate me if you disagree. I'm right. I'm sure of it. 

1. Seattle Is God's Favorite City
Okay, I know God doesn't have a favorite city. BUT if He did play favorites...I'm pretty sure Seattle would be it. I could write for 10 million years about how much I love Seattle.The water, the mountains that surround the city & a bustling metropolitan center. Hundreds of local restaurants, cozy coffee houses and fashionable boutiques on every corner. If you haven't been you MUST go. Stop reading my blog, go to expedia & plan a trip. You won't regret it. Make sure you visit Mosaic Community Church when you are there.
2. Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Here is my dog Baxter. He sits by the window and watches us come & go. I have had two cats in my life and neither of them did this. I only liked one of the cats & that is because it acted more like a dog. I don't want to hate on cats, but ...well...dogs are better. I can list the reasons why, but then I would get hate mail in my comments section. So, I am going to leave it at this. 
3. Make Time For Play
Remember when you were a kid & your friend comes over to the door and asks, " Can Elizabeth come out and play?". Well, you probably don't remember it quite that way since your name is most likely not Elizabeth. But you know what I mean. We made time to play. To be silly. And we asked our friends to come and do it with us. Adults need it. 
My friend Erika invited me to play last week. She invited me to come with her and try on glasses. There we are in the pic above. We laughed really hard that day. I do need to sit in a coffee shop & have a heart to heart with my friends, but I also need to play. To be silly & ridiculous. To laugh at inside jokes and play pranks on my other friends. Grown ups need to go outside and play too. Stop being so serious. 
These are three random opinions, but  I did solidify them in my 20s so they qualify. Happy Saturday night!