5 Reasons Why RG3 & I Are Practically Twins

This is a pic taken while decorating cookies with my kids at Baylor...who is that in the background?
RG3 my friends.

In case you missed it Robert Griffin III (aka RG3) won the Heisman tonight. My sweet little 5 yr old started sobbing when she heard the news. "I'm just SO happy!" she said. I couldn't agree more. Baylor is the best school ever & deserves a big win. But, I'm also happy that RG3 won because - he is basically my twin. Don't believe me? I have five reasons:
1. We both went to Baylor & studied Political Science. I am a Baylor alum. AND I studied Poli Sci. Same great taste, same interests...this is looking 'twin'ish to me. 

2. We both wore our hair in braids today.  Okay, his are cooler than mine I will admit. Mine was the kind of braid you do with your bangs when you are growing them out. None the less we rock the same hair. It's sorta like that language people say twins have with each other. We totally have that with our hair.
3. We both know what MAFU means. Jady was the chaplain for the Baylor football team for a few years in the mid 2000s. One day some of the team came for dinner after practice. Thank God Steph Keogh came to help me cook...never seen that much pasta in my life. MAFU is a term the team uses. They let us in on it. I'd tell you, but its kinda a family thing.

4. We both won prestigious awards while we were students at Baylor. Obviously, RG3 is a super famous Baylor bear. Tonight he won the Heisman. That's a fantastically outstanding accomplishment. What you may not know is that I won an award at Baylor too. My sophomore year I won "Baylor Beauty." It's a beauty pageant. But it involves competition and voting...so, I'm putting them in the same category. 
5. We have the same last name. Okay, what says 'twin' or 'family' like having the same last name? And we DO. We are both Griffins. Enough said.
See what I mean? It's like RG3 and I are twins or something...crazy the similarities. Anyway, congrats RG3 & Sic 'em bears!