My New Years Resolutions

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Alrighty. The new year is well under way. As one who derives a great deal of pleasure from traditions, I have made my New Years Resolutions. We'll see how this goes...
1. I will stop moving. This past year I moved 4 times. If I can make it all year without moving then it will be the first time since graduating high school that I have stayed put. We just bought a house, so things are looking good for this one.
2. Online Dating. This year I will not sign my single friends up for online dating sites  without their knowledge. Instead I will match make the old-school way. You know, Fiddler-On-The-Roof style.
3. Hyperbolic Speech. I'm not sure if you noticed, but exaggeration has reached an all time high. Words like 'epic' are used to describe things such as sushi, lattes & bangs. I'm going to do my best to resist participating in the diluting of these words meanings. If I pull it off, it will be legendary.
4. Books. I need to read more books. Netflix, hulu and other streaming devices are minimizing my brain activity. It's you know, like ...uh...addictive...umm...what?
5. Do-It-Yourself Hair. For the past year I have been cutting & coloring my hair myself at home. I started doing it to save money & will continue to do it. What I won't continue to do is spontaneous hair cuts/color. The late night impromptu bang trim without a comb. Grabbing a new box of hair dye at Target b/c it is on sale for $2 and hoping all turns out for the best. So, far I have been getting away with it & there have been no tragedies. of these days I am going to have bangs that look like a dog chewed them off & a peachy shade of $2 hair. I need to stop before my luck runs out. Calculated at-home hair is the way for 2012.
6. Watch more MacGyver. In case I should opt to break resolution # 4, I will watch more MacGyver. I mean, can any of you think of a reason I shouldn't? It's like watching Jack Bauer without the panic attack  halfway through. Plus I learn a lot...You can read about that by clicking here.
7. Iran isn't funny. I will stop correcting people who make jokes about what America should do to other countries. Drives me nuts, and I am always the party pooper who points out the severity of their jokes. Then the room gets awkward...then I get awkward...fumble. I need to figure out another way to do this because...well...Iran isn't funny.
8. Killing plants. I will do my best not to kill a plant this year. I offer no promises, only best intentions.
9. Update my phone. I have an iPhone. I rarely back it up, sync it or update it. This frustrates my husband and gives Apple store employees an ulcer. Oh no. Here comes that girl again. The one with the peach hair and bad bangs. Did you hear about the time she brought in a palm pilot instead of her iPhone??? Clearly technology isn't my bestie, but I'm gonna try harder this year. For the record I DO know the difference between a palm pilot & an iPhone. One comes with a nifty pen thingy.
10. Remember my passwords. It seems I have to have a password for everything these days. The problem is that I don't remember any of them. Bah! The hint to help me remember my password is something like : Dear lark&bloom. Your password contains 12 characters. It includes upper case, lower case and 3 numbers. ... What was it?!?!?! I don't know. Now I have to create a new email so I can get a new log in so I can redeem a gift card or whatever. 2012 = one password. 
What are yours???