A Clarification on Camping

I posted a tweet today that said "Things could be worse. I could be camping." Amazing the feedback I have gotten from such a little tweet. Perhaps I should clarify. There are some kinds of camping, or rather glamping, that I like. Here is what I mean.

Really? This isn't fun.
On vacation, I don't want my food to come from a cooler.

Here is my kind of camping...

Luxury igloo cabins in the Swiss Alps

Stilts. Brilliant. Out of reach from little critters that might freak me out in the middle of the night.

Why, yes. I would like some lunch. Thanks so much.

Luxury yurts are a 'do' in my book.

But my very very most amazingly favorite kind of camping is this kind of camping:

Don't hate me. I love nature. I recycle everything. I just don't want to have to wear sandals when I shower on vacation.