And Then We Did It.

Tait said 'Im gonna ride a bird.' and then he did it.

"We should start a philosophy club" we said in our AP theory class in high school. And then we did. I'm pleased to be a founding member of the AP Philosophy Club at Midway High School.
"Lets go to Italy" I mentioned to Connie. And then we did it. Lots of saving, tight budgeting and working extra hours...but we did it. Spring break of 2002 Connie & I headed off with some backpacks and a bit of whimsy. A trip I'll never forget.
"We should live together".  It started out as a joke one day at Common Grounds. I was having coffee with Erika Kraus & Kassie Fowler. Jady stopped by (we were newlyweds) and the idea was thrown out. There was a big house for rent near campus. So we did it. We all moved in for a year & I am filled with laughter every time I remember that twelve months. Too many stories to tell about that house...
"Lets move to Seattle" four God-inspired words that changed my life. And then we did it. Packed up some moving vans and drove into a strange city on the most brilliant adventure ever. A part of my heart will always be planted there. 
"We should cut our hair". And then we did it. Perhaps we shouldn't have? It was in Beirut Lebanon and something came over all the ladies on the team. Kendall got an Afro, Kristina got an intense layer cut, Erika got a mullet with a rat tail and I got a faux hawk. Some people would argue that wasn't what we asked for, but that is what we got. Because we said 'lets do it'.
"We should adopt" Jady and I decided one night. And then we did it. Or are in the middle of doing it. Another fantastic God-inspired decision.
"We should go to Louisiana" and then we did it. Probably shouldn't have done that either. My friend Sarah and I had gone to Blockbuster to get a movie, but they didn't have it. Next thing you know I find myself suggesting a last minute road trip as another option for the evening.(who suggests that???)  We left. Didn't even take a map. Just started driving northeast. It didn't occur to us that when we got their our checks would be out of state since we lived in Texas. No one took out of state checks. We spent the night in the shadiest hotel you ever saw, and made it back into Texas the next morning on the fumes of gas our spare change bought us. 
"We should follow God across the country" and then we did it. What an adventure that has been. Landing in unexpected places with unforseen purposes. 
So many things we said we should do---and then we did them. 
It starts with saying an idea. An idea that leads to an dream. A dream that leads to an adventure. An adventure that leads to a life full to the brim with stories. Experiences funny, sweet and powerful. So many things I have done. 
You never know where saying things will take you. So go ahead. Say something.