Susan G Komen, Planned Parenthood & all this mess

My beautiful grandmother. She is a breast cancer survivor.

Remarkably, Susan G. Komen foundation has managed to upset nearly the entire United States in just a short time span. The first half got mad when they cut funding to Planned Parenthood. The second half got mad when the changed their minds and included Planned Parenthood as a recipient of funds again. 
I am not going to tell you which half I am. I understand half of the you think it is wrong for Susan G. Komen to send money to an organization that includes abortions as one of their services. The other half say it shouldn't matter if they offer abortions, the point is they offer breast exams & that is what Susan G Komen is supposed to support. 
Did you know that only 50% of women get their annual recommended health exam? Each year in the U.S. over 202,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.
The moral of the story is that women's healthcare is important. I know everyone is up in arms (understandably), but lets also use our arms to dial our doctors and set up appointments. If you haven't started doing regular self-exams. Start doing them.
Many women in this country don't have insurance. Find an agency in your area that shares your moral views and services low-income women who can't afford to receive preventative care. Get behind them and support them.
No matter if you are pro-choice, pro-life, pro/anti Planned are pro-women. Lets get behind women & their health. 
I'm not taking lightly people's convictions on the issue of abortion. Not in the slightest.  I'm saying whatever you feel about the issue, find a way to support women's health care. If you are husband, take a long lunch and watch the kids while your wife goes to get her yearly exam.
Now, that I have said that. You can all go back to arguing about what Susan G. Komen should do with their funding...but, not on my blog comments please. :)