Syria Gave Me A Gift

Source: Pinterest

Each morning I make time to read the news. Skimming the days headlines I pass by all the celebrity gossip and sports headlines. Why are those on major news outlets anyway? I also notice how quickly I pass by news regarding violence or uprising in the middle east. Sadly, in some ways it doesn't seem like news anymore.

If it happened in Germany, I would absolutely read the article. But, how many times can I read about a conflict in Israel? When I see that there was a car bomb that went off in Egypt, I can easily find myself thinking "Well, surely they are used to it by now."

The thing is, no one ever gets used to violence. They may learn to cope, but they still feel the pain. You can't get used to loosing your parents, or your friend. No one gets used to their son or daughter getting killed. 
In Syria they estimate that over 7,000 people have been killed in the past 11 months. I have been to Syria. Their government may be an 'axis of evil', but their people are beautiful. When I was walking through the streets, I was greeted with an incredible warmth. I went into the mosques and was met with kindness and generosity. 
Jady and I were browsing through the market when a group of children came up to us. They had used what little money they had to buy us gifts. Handfuls of little trinkets that represented the hospitality of the people. We couldn't talk to these little kids, but the exchange of smiles and hugs spoke enough. 
They were lovely. It isn't a nation of crazy people that are reckless and hard. It is a nation of people made in God's image who are oppressed by a ruthless government.
Join me in praying that God would protect the people and bring give them true Justice. Syria gave me handfuls of little gifts. Lets give them a voice that calls out to God on their behalf.