My Shoes Don't Fit Again.

A while back I wrote a post about our shoes being too small. If you missed it, you can read it here. Over the course of this past week, I have discovered that my feet aren't fitting in my shoes. Yet again. This time it isn't because they are too small, but rather I am wearing the completely wrong pair of shoes. Take a look at these shoes with me...( Guys, substitute in manly shoes)

 Oh, these are cute. I love sporty looking girls. I love fast-paced things and the idea of energy. I think I might do well to get some running shoes.

Boots! Such a classic girl-next-door look. Everyone loves the girl next door. Boots would make me look approachable, elegant and romantic. With perhaps a twist of rustic. Hmm...I think I should wear boots.
Pastel oxfords. Adorable. It's the trendy, whimsical vibe. If I wore these people would see my fun side. Plus, they look like something Zooey Deschanel would wear. And I adore her. These would make me 'adorkable' and people would find me endearing. 
Now, these are beautiful. If I was wearing these then I would look the part. Successful, in control & beyond glamorous. These are serious influencer shoes. And I want to be an influencer. These shoes mean business. 
In my original 'feet too small' post, I talked about how we need shoes that give us room to grow & shoes that will take us to the places God has prepared for us. 

I realized that I did go up a few sizes in my shoes, but I didn't pick a pair based on the type of feet God gave me or the work He wants me to do in them. I picked pairs that I thought looked the cutest at the time and that would take me where I wanted to go. 

Now, I have blisters. My arches ache. I took on roles and dreams that portrayed the person/mom/leader/wife/friend I hoped God was making me. I wanted to seem powerful, or charming, or adventurous. I chose the image I wanted, rather than being confident in my God-given image. I need to dress for how He has made me, not who I wish He had made me. 

I'm realizing yet again that if I want to be in this journey for the long haul then I need shoes that fit. Shoes that are not only big enough, but functional for the purposes God has for me. Imagine a soccer player in heels or a stockbroker in Uggs. They would not be successful. 

Putting on athletic shoes won't make me an athlete and wearing saddle shoes won't make me Zooey Deschanel (sadly). Strumming a guitar isn't going to give me the anointing to be a worship leader and getting access to a microphone won't make me speaker. God develops me, not my situation. 

I HAVE to remember that God knows where He is leading me. My armor isn't going to look like the person's next to me. Perhaps my armor includes combat boots, vintage pumps or ballet flats. I feel pretty confident that I won't end up in running shoes or clogs. But, who knows?

We each need new shoes for each season. We need room to grow & we need to trust God with the type of person He is shaping us into. There is comfort there.