Remember That Party You Forgot To Invite Me To?

Look at me. I'm the life of the party. Why wouldn't you invite me?

Thanks to social media it is easy to keep up with the happenings in friends' lives. Pictures of babies, announcements of an engagement or a big move. I love seeing things like that. What I don't like is seeing photos of events I wasn't invited to. You have all been there. Seeing pics of a wedding you had no idea was happening. Or looking at Instagram and seeing everyone at dinner...everyone but you that is.

That little poke of rejection that makes you cringe just a little. That happened to me this past week (thanks so much Facebook). It doesn't matter that we don't talk as frequently as we used to, I don't like it when they get together without me. You begin to wonder why they all stayed friends but somehow I didn't stay in their friendship loop. Was it because I borrowed those shoes without asking? Cause I totally apologized for that years ago...Did spring break 2002 mean nothing to them???

I know that is a reality of life. I don't invite everyone I have ever been friends with to everything either. Maybe I forgot to invite you to a party. There are some friends from high school & college that I have stayed close to and others that I have lost touch with.  Regardless, it makes me feel small and easily forgotten. I don't like that feeling.

As I was on the verge of throwing myself a fantastic pity party and evaluating every friendship that has fizzled out since grade school, I stopped. I remembered something very important.

I remembered that God always invites me. There is never a party that He excludes me from. He always wants me and never feels some dutiful obligation. When the kingdom is having a big bash I have VIP ticket status. He looks forward to me attending and is sad when I tell Him that I am too busy to come. God never forgets to invite me. And He throws the best parties.