I Am Moving To Milwaukee

Stupid trees...
I had been planning on sharing some significant insights that this past week exposed. However, it appears that I am allergic to the entire state of Texas. Really. I live in a fog these past few days. Thus the lack of posts from this week. 
Tonight I sat at my computer and was plagued by the inability to think beyond..., well to think period. The logical thing would be to look up the name of a good allergist in my town. That's not really my style though. Instead I google the best places to live if you have allergies. 
Thanks to Google, I am considering a move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When I hear the words Milwaukee and Wisconsin the only thing that comes to mind is beer & cheddar. I did a bit more research and am happy to report there are a few more thing the city boasts about:
  • 14 miles of great lakes shoreline - Dislike the ocean, but like lakes. This is looking good.
  • They claim to have the sexiest building on the plant- This title goes to their art museum, but I have no idea who makes those decisions.
  • It as been nicknamed the "Genuine American City"- I am an American, so I should fit right in.
  • The Comet Cafe is a city favorite. They were featured on Food Network for their famous bacon wrapped meatloaf - If that isn't a selling point, I don't know what is.
  • Milwaukee is home to the Wisconsin State Fair - I think we all now how fun that is.
I'm not making any rash decisions. I'll sleep on it, but Milwaukee looks nice with their low pollen counts and all. Who's with me?