A Good Friday Indeed


It is indeed Good Friday. The day we remember Jesus and what He did on the cross. I often wonder what it felt like between the time Jesus died and the moment word spread of His resurrection. Those moments surely seemed so dark and confusing. What would it feel like to think that evil wins? I think I would feel trapped. Caught in the heaviness of disappointment and the death of Hope.  Feeling that there is nothing big for me to believe in. No significance. Simply death & silence. Friday Hope died, Saturday Evil ruled for a day, Sunday Life overcame Death. 
Typing this, I am reminded that there are millions of people who are living in that reality right now. They don't know that the greatest victory has been won. They are stuck in the Saturday between the death and life. Their ears don't ring with the cheers of Easter, only the cries of broken hearts. 
As I was getting my son dressed today, I was thinking that it isn't possible for me to love someone enough to willingly put my little boy through pain or much less death. I just wouldn't do it. My brain cannot fathom how deep and rich a love it would take for a parent to let their child suffer...and yet that is the amount of love God had. What an extravagant and intense love He has for me. What an extravagant and intense love He has for you. For all the people of the earth that have ever lived, are living, and will live in generations to come.
To be loved with an Overcoming Love. It is a very good Friday indeed.