Confessions on Whisper-Yelling & God.

Sure, I look nice. Truth be told, I am a recovering whisper-yeller. You know what whisper-yelling is, right? When you want to yell, but don't because you know it would be inappropriate. So instead you whisper but with all the intensity & frustration of a yell.

There are lots of scenarios where the whisper-yell comes into play. Telling your kids to sit down in the shopping cart, asking the receptionist in a quiet waiting room why your doctor is running an hour late, or perhaps reminding your co-worker that they are past the project deadline.

Last night a particular child woke me up at 1:00 am because they needed my help rearranging their stuffed animals next to them in bed. Are you kidding me? The same child asked for music about 30 min later.  Sad to admit, there were a few whisper-yells.

Walking back to bed afterwards I thought about how I do that with God too. I get really mad & frustrated so I pray-yell to God. Really, I think He would prefer it if I was just straight up honest. God doesn't need me to mask what is going on internally. He already knows I'm a mess. I'm not saying I should yell at God, but an honest conversation with Him is what my heart needs the most.

I'm thankful God doesn't whisper-yell. He doesn't say things through a forced smile. God doesn't say nice words due to obligation & He doesn't say them with an underlying emotion of irritation.

He is truly kind. Every word He says is deliberately sincere.

" I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."
              -Jeremiah 31:3