Is Ugliness Next To Godliness?

Old pulleys. Great design.

I read a great post yesterday called Why Design? . It got my wheels turning. So often we think that to be humble means we can't be exceptional. Would it be prideful to spend time on the visual aspects of who we are? Is ugliness next to godliness?
Nope. God is big, bold & creates beautiful things. He didn't only focus on function when He created the earth. He made it extraordinary, inspiring & unexpected. 
So lets put away our assumptions that humility is a quality that can be seen. It is an internal attitutde, not an external image. Some people act flashy to impress others & some people act boring to impress others. There is balance in the middle. 
Celebrate how God made you. Ladies, feel free to wear red lipstick. Gents, wear clothes that fit.
Pop over & read Why Design? for yourself.
Happy Designing!