The Promise & The Problem

Sometimes it seems as if a every promise has a dark side. The overwhelming joy of things to come soon gets replaced by a storm rolling in. I get so quickly discouraged when there is any opposition to what God has spoken.
For a while I believed that if God promised something it was Him giving me a heads up that it was all about to hit the fan. "I will be with you" really means "Its about to get real bad. So dark you'll think you were abandoned so remember that I'm still there when all hell breaks loose". I dreaded the promises.
What I have learned is that God's promises aren't the balance to a curse. They are His goodness tucking me into peace. That no matter what happens, He has the last word. John 16 lays it out pretty clear that we are gonna have some troubles in this life. 
His promises anchor us so that life doesn't whip us around, but we walk confidently and without distraction through any storm that comes. 
My heart doesn't crave safety, although my logic does. Deep down I long for an adventure of the ages. An epic battle with a nail bitting rescue at the end. Every promise comes with a battle. Every miracle starts with a trial. 
This week has reminded me that I have to stop dreading the problem and start dreaming of the miracle.  
He who promised has been, will be, and IS faithful. No matter how stormy it looks.