I Used To Be Interesting

Just readin my paper in the middle of nowhere 

I used to be interesting. I used to think all my stories were funny and all my experiences unmatched. Until I met you. Really, all of you are amazing people. I hear your stories about how you grow your own food and am challenged. I think it is interesting the way some of you travel around the world for work.
You makeup artists blow me away with your ability to create beauty. You counselors are mind blowing in your ability to lead people through their experiences. Those of you who can sing & play music just make me plain jealous sometimes. 
You who homeschool kids are fascinating with your organization. You bloggers challenge me with your creative content. You nurses have my admiration as you are able to remember anatomy. 
Really, you are all so interesting. Sometimes I get jealous of your 'interesting'. I think you are more impressive than I am. 
But then I celebrate. I celebrate that we are different. I celebrate that when we all come together we are one huge mass of awesomeness. I celebrate that God has so much creativity He had to spread it all out among so many people.  
I celebrate you. I celebrate me. I celebrate that we all make life more interesting.