Advice I Need

Source: Pinterest

I need this advice. It sounds silly, but I often forget to do what makes me happy. I bought a ringtone for the first time EVER the other day. The song makes me smile. My phone rings at least 20 times a day, so this purchase insures that I will smile at least 20 times.

Not a bad investment. This week I am trying to figure out how to incorporate more of the things that make me smile into my week.

I am hoping to add more of the following:

  • reading
  • aimless walks
  • roadtrips
  • chat with friends 
  • hot drink parties
  • cooking from scratch
  • meeting interesting people
  • finding design that challenges my view of something
  • finding buried treasure. I haven't actually done this, but I bet it would be fun.
  • Visiting new places
  • learning about topics that aren't practical, but I find interesting. Things like the history of American feminism. 
You can ask me in a few weeks if I have actually done more of these things. 
What things make you happy that you should do more of?
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