Election Day

Lark & Bloom is back just in time for election day! Thanks to Sarah at Swoon Designs for helping create my new design. (more on her later)

So, it is election day. I am not telling you who I voted for. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am one of those pesky independents that the campaigns are trying to woo.

I don't know who will win today. But, I do know this:

I am thankful for men & their families who are willing to serve their country. Sure, there are perks to being President. There are also high costs. You couldn't pay me to carry the amount of stress, responsibility or schedule that being POTUS requires. I am glad there are people willing to do it. It is tougher than it looks people.

I am thankful that they are willing to go first. I can't imagine the obstacles Obama has had to overcome to be the first African-American to hold this office. Also, Romney is a Mormon. That isn't the most popular religion in our country & I imagine all the scrutiny makes him feel so vulnerable at times. Both these men have guts.

I am thankful that they are doing what they believe is best for our country. Now I am sure you seriously disagree with Romney or Obama. However, I think they are suggesting what they think is the best solution for the issues facing our nation. I appreciate people who stand behind their beliefs...even if I disagree. Gotta give props for saying what you believe.

I don't know who will win today. But I do know:

The Office of the President should be spoken of with respect. Voice your disagreement & complete despair if your candidate doesn't win. Fine. But, be respectful. Otherwise you get annoying really quick. No offense.

Our voice matters after November 6th. If we stop voicing our opinion and trying to impact our country when the election is over...we all loose. The change we are looking for isn't found in one election on one day. It takes continued dialogue and action on our part. We are all America. We are all a part of the solution.

Bumper stickers & yard signs should be taken down this week. Okay, this is just my pet peeve. No one driving behind you needs to know that you voted for Gore in 2000. Just take it down.

Blessings to you all! Now go vote!