Why I Blog

Image I had coffee a few months ago with Kat from Inspired To Action. She has about a bazillion readers on her blog, so I picked her brain. She asked me a great question. When you write, who are you trying to talk to?

It really got me thinking. Google searches brought me tons of advice from bloggers about how to brand my blog. The clear path to large readership is have a specific issue you consistently write about. Decor, beauty, fashion, food, faith, motherhood...take your pick.

The problem is, I just can't. I can't focus so specifically on one thing. I'm not passionate enough about bangs, bread or vintage wallpaper to write about them regularly.

My interests are about as diverse as my readers. You guys are everything from liberals to conservatives, Christians & atheists, male & female. Plus, you live all around the world & that eliminates me being able to tell you about the deals at Target.

When pressed to say what Lark & Bloom is about, I would say this: It is a cultural experiment. Instead of looking at all our differences, let's explore the spaces we have in common. You may not agree with my lifestyle & I may not agree with yours.    What if we talked anyway?

I believe in Jesus & am passionate about the Church. We may disagree on that & I don't find that offensive or threatening.  But, I bet we both are addicted to coffee & have a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift. ( meaning we hate that we love her )

Let's agree to disagree & learn from each other anyway. Let's tell our stories & celebrate that we share the same space in history. Let's talk about how we all want Michelle Obama's arms.

Doesn't that sound fun?