Hand To Hand Combat

Image The election ended last week but the trail of debris is still found on social media and news cycles. The part that still has my head spinning isn't the outcome. It is the way the Christians slugged it out with each other. I know we have different views on the best ways to implement what we value as believers, but it got messy. There was some Old Testament "R" rated warfare happening. Everyone didn't behave badly, but there were enough of us fighting to resemble the Hatfields & the McCoys.

We let our hands communicate our values. We used our hands to:

  • point fingers & cast blame
  • slap on stereotypes and judgements
  • cover our ears & eyes to block out things we don't want to admit
  • scrape, claw & scratch in an attempt to be the less-wounded of the two
  • we clenched our fists under the Family table.

I don't think that is what God made our hands for. Our hands were made to fight battles by:

  • laying hands on the sick & seeing them healed
  • picking up a brother when they are down regardless of who they are
  • shake hands with an enemy in humility
  • carry the burden of another when we don't have to
  • feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the depressed
  • point to One who is greater than ourselves 

What if the Church used that kind of hand-to-hand combat? Do you think it would work?

FaithLiz GriffinComment