Why Gaza Should Matter To You


So the Middle East is fighting again & in the past six days approx. 100 people have been killed in Gaza. Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift won more awards last night at the AMAs. What else is new?

It is so easy to get numb to what seems to be an endless & pointless conflict. Why should we care about a piece of land that is twice the size of Washington,DC and home to 1.7 million people? What does their mess have to do with a modern & civilized country like ours?

Some Americans care for political reasons. Other Americans take an interest for religious or economic reasons. I really can't explain this to you. I could try, but that would be a three month series that I am not prepared  willing to write.

I will tell you why every American should care about what is happening in Gaza.

Gaza is full of people. And we should care about people. These aren't just an idea of people or a hypothetical group of people. These are real people. And people should matter regardless of their language, religion or history.

I don't care about your religious or political view of the situation. Gaza is full of people & people matter. The victims aren't just evil & violent men. They are kids walking home from school, widows trying to sell their food in the market, and fathers trying to protect their kids from gunfire.

The victims are people & that is why we should care.

If you want to know more BBC has a great summary and Donald Miller wrote a moving piece that tells the story well.

Will you join with me in praying for peace & safety for the those caught in the middle of this conflict?