Questions No One Asks Me


I'm gearing up for all the parties about to come at me this holiday season. Class parties at my kids schools, church parties, work parties...lots of parties. I am not really sure how introverts make it through the holidays. I'm an extrovert, but the amount of small talk that happens during all the holiday events is a bit taxing even for me.

Clusters of people standing around asking questions and getting to know each other. Networking & connecting over fruitcakes and cider. Over the years I have noticed there are some questions that no one ever asks me. The following are questions I regularly hear asked to others...but never me:

1. Did you make that? I hear this asked to other moms regularly. Their beaded necklace, their felt headband, their daughter's dress...never me. No one ever asks if I made anything I ever wear.

2. Can I tweet that? Honestly, I hear this multiple times a week. Someone says something profound or funny and is asked if they mind being quoted on social media. I never get asked that, but for the record you are free to 'tweet' me.

3. Did you see the game? Guess I don't look like a sports fan. I'm glad I get left out of these conversations because I would have to have them clarify which game. Then they would tell me the teams & I still wouldn't even know what sport we are talking about.

4. Just get back from vacation? You look so tan and refreshed! I heard this question at my daughter's school the other day between some moms. This has never been asked of me. Ever. First, I never look tan. Even if I did just get back from vacation. Second, I haven't looked refreshed since my oldest was born six years ago.

5. Want to train for a marathon with us? My social circles have big problems. They all enjoy running. I could fill up all my fingers if I counted the times I've overheard this question in the past year. Not once was I asked. Kinda offended. Kinda relieved.

6. Can you take our picture? This is funny to me. I am not a horrible picture taker & am a bit stumped as to why I am never asked to take a picture for someeone. Always, without fail, the people will ask the person standing next to me to do the honors.

Those are just six of the questions I am never asked. I am sure there are more. What questions are you never asked? I'd love to know!