My Life As A Gang Member

IMG_3416 Don't be fooled. I may look like a red-headed mama, but I'm totally gangsta. I'll tell you why...

This month marks three years since we started our adoption process. The number of things God has taught me through this could easily fill a book, and perhaps one day they will.

These past few weeks though I have been thinking about how powerful it is to be chosen. Out of all the people in all the world, how amazing to be picked. Obviously, that translates to God and the way He chooses me in spite of the many reasons I think He shouldn't.

I've been thinking about how it works in terms of friends. The people who could fill their lives and free hours with anybody & they choose me. When they are crying, they choose to call me. When they are excited, they choose to text me. My friends choose me and that says a lot.

Sure, there are plenty of people who don't choose me. People who didn't return my calls, people who hired someone else, people who followed another blog and not mine... More people haven't chosen me than have. Sometimes we can focus on the ones who haven't picked us.

Recently, I'm really amazed and humbled at my friends who do choose me. What an honor to be invited to be a part of someone's life. What an honor to have friends, no matter how many, who choose you back. We really are like a small gang.

So, gang, cheers to you! Cheers to us choosing each other.