Uncomfortable January : Setting Goals



Welcome to day 2 of An Uncomfortable January! Yesterday I gave up looking at my stats. And now, its time for another uncomfortable thing.

What: Setting Goals

I know that New Years resolutions are popular with a lot of people, but they kind of make me squirm. Not the idea of having goals, but rather figuring out what they should be. I can dream my day away, but having to set specific goals...ouch.

Why is it uncomfortable?

I have to be realistic about where I currently am. If I am going to become a better mom, then I need to evaluate how I am currently doing as a mother. If I want to set a goal of being in shape it means I have to be honest with the fact that I am out of shape.

I don't like thinking about my shortcomings or weaknesses. I also don't like thinking about how I need to become more disciplined in order to accomplish the goals I set. Setting goals deflates the idealistic view I have of myself.

What happened when I did it today?

Well, for the first ten minutes or so I sat looking at a blank page. Then I started seriously regretting picking this topic to tackle. Ugh. Eventually I did set goals. Yes, it did make me admit things I don't like to admit. Such as my lack of following schedules, my tendencies to make excuses and my complete lack of regular exercise.

After about an hour ( yes an hour ) I did have some goals set. I would be lying if I said it didn't feel good to have some clear ambitions lined out. It helps me schedule my time and prioritize my days. I hate to admit it, but taking a realistic look at where I am was actually a bit freeing. Kind of sobering, but freeing none the less.

So, there. Day two is done. I have goals and a plan. Whew. Wasn't as bad as I expected.