Ernest Hemingway Kind of Day


Ever read Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man & The Sea? Well, this Uncomfortable January post is kinda like that. Ish.

There were no sharks. I'm only 31. And I don't live in a fishing village or even near one.

However. There was a fish. There was me. And there was an intimidating battle.


I love seafood, but have been too freaked out to try and cook it. It is expensive and you can ruin it so easily. A few min too long and its game over. The fish has won & you have wasted your money.

My husband just had a birthday & he loves seafood. So, being the stellar wife that I am, I put my game face on. I bought a huge fillet of salmon.


I took out a knife and went to work people. I just knew that I was going to butcher the poor thing beyond recognition & we would end up having to frozen chicken nuggets. To my amazement I managed (with great finesse) to skin it.


I am primarily Scandinavian with a smidge of Cherokee Indian, so I guess it makes sense that I would be a natural butcher. Plus, I am just full of untapped potential & talent. How silly of me to doubt my knife skills.

Now comes the part where I had to cook it. I was on the verge of having an anxiety attack.

If the pan is too hot it won't cook right. If it is too cold, it will stick. And poorly cooked fish tastes like chewing on a wad of paper towels.

After various YouTube video study sessions I was finally prepared to put the fish in the skillet.


Ah! Sigh of relief. Turns out I can cook salmon after all. Ernest Hemingway would be proud.