89 years of AWESOME.


This is a good one people. Today is my Grandma's 89th birthday! If you knew my grandmother you would be as smitten as I am. She is funny, beautiful and full of life.

This is a lady who intentionally didn't buy a book for her Spanish class in college so she would have to share with the guy she thought was cute. ( nevermind she had a boyfriend at the time) Her plan worked and my grandfather proposed on the 4th of July several years later.


Her life is laced with delightfully funny stories. During WWII, her girlfriends all knit scarves, hats and mittens for the troops. It was their duty of course. Problem was her knitting was so bad the army rejected it. Must have been really bad. She passed on her non-crafty genes to me.


We would get together over coffee during my college days and she would talk to me about life, God, and falling in love. She and my grandfather loved well. Her wisdom is deep and transparent.


Now, I take my kids to her house for popsicles and she tells them her latest jokes. She shares her parenting advice and I listen. I look at her beautiful face that is still full of life and hope. And pray that I will be as lovely one day.

I pray that I will leave a legacy that extends through generations just like she has done.

I really, really pray that my skin will glow at age 89 without a sunspot to be seen.

I pray that I will love my family the way she has.

I pray that people smile and light up when they see me. Just like they do when they see her.

I pray that I will love God with my home, resources and time the way she has.

I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday!