the one cuss word every Christian should say

Today I am going to tell you about the one cuss word every Christian should say. I say it on a daily basis. Two things are happening right now. Some of you are already offended ( you probably won't be by the end ) and others of you are laughing at what I am considering a 'cuss' word here. Probably that division has more to do with geography than anything else. So, what is it that I think you should say?


We tend to dismiss this statement  as either mild profanity or a simple phrase. But, it isn't. Sure, people use these words in ways that can be offensive or meaningless. I'm not suggesting you use it as profanity. No need to say it after your team looses or to express your irritation when a driver cuts you off. But, you should say it to Hell. (saying it in this context isn't really profanity, so you can breath your sigh of relief now)

The words are actually really powerful. Telling Hell "NO!". I do it all the time.

When I am tempted to believe a lie about who I am... Hell no!

Reading about another bombing in the middle east... Hell no!

When I begin to feel lonely and small ... Hell no!

Each time I learn of a child who has been abused ... Hell no!

See how powerful the phrase is? If you are a Christian ( and not all of you are ) you need to add it to your vocabulary.

Remind Hell that it has no power over you. Remind Hell that it looses. Remind yourself that you have the authority to tell Hell "no".