five things every guy should have in their house



This isn't a decorating blog, but it is Sunday. And that means I can share random stuff I like. Today I picked 5 things that I would have in my house if I were a dude. So, take notes guys. I have seen some of your houses. They need help.

1. Throw pillows from Landon Sheely.

He has tons of great masculine throw pillows & some cool prints as well.



2. Tabacco candle by Malin & Goetz

Guys. This smells SO good. It is a bit pricey but they burn forever.


3. Gadsen Flag

I would absolutely have an old Gadsen flag in my house if I were a guy. Find them on Etsy, Ebay... just find one.


4. Wooden Otto Fan by Carlo Borer

Coolest fan ever? I think so.


5. Tweed Strip Boom Case

Oh, I die. Love these bad boys.


*** Honorable Mention***

Old books. Having these around your house gives off the impression that you are somehow deep and mysterious. The Mr. Darcy quality that we women love so much.


So, there you have it. Five things I would have in my house if I were a guy. Now you know. Happy Sunday everyone!