you are very unusual

Image I hope you are not offended when I say that you are quite unusual. Very abnormal in fact. That is what I want to tell so many people. I know you may not think of yourself as stand-out or noteworthy. You feel average on so many levels. But, you aren't. The things that seem so normal to you are not normal to me.

Isn't it normal to be able to cook yummy meals? No.

Isn't it normal to think of creative slogans? No.

Isn't it normal to be able to come up with fun craft ideas for your kids? No.

Isn't it normal for people to be able to draw beautiful pictures? No.

Isn't it normal for businessmen to have successful ideas? No.

Isn't it normal for people to imagine the future and all it could be? No.

They are all gifts! I was amazed when people told me that I was a good writer. I was almost 30 and had always assumed that writing came naturally to everyone. It just seemed so normal to me.

So, today remember this. Our gifts seem normal and ordinary to us, but they are not to everyone else.  If you are a creative mind, AWESOME! If you can cook, BRING ME CUPCAKES! If you take amazing pics, CELEBRATE your ability to capture life in all its beauty.

You are not normal. In fact, you are very unusual.