when Rihanna & Jesus say the same thing

f263c2dca9e994f3308ce2b8fb07b7d5 I've been thinking about Rihanna a lot these past few days. Maybe because I accidentally dyed my hair BRIGHT red two nights ago. Or perhaps because I wrote about Chris Brown recently. Mostly she is on my mind because I heard a song of hers when I was running errands that I haven't been able to shake. I don't like all of her stuff, but these words...

I know that Rihanna's lyrics are about some guy & not Jesus, but they so perfectly articulate what my dialogue with Jesus seems to be like these days.

"I threw my hands in the air and said,

"Show me something."

He said, "If you dare, come a little closer."

- Rihanna , "Stay"


You know that verse in Psalms that says..."I waited patiently for the Lord..." ? Yea, not so much. That hasn't been my attitude lately. I've been a little less King David and a bit more Rihanna about it. Throwing my hands in the air and telling God to show me something.

Show me what You are doing about my adoption.

Show me Your plan for these backlogged dreams to come to pass.

Show me why hope hurts...still. 

Show me where the breakthrough will come from.

Show me how I am supposed to find rest for this weary heart.

Hands in the air & yelling at God to show me. Prove it, God. That is where I've been these past few weeks. Giving the Israelites in the Old Testament some stiff competition in the doubting department. My demands are not met with an excuse for His delay, a summary of His plan or a rebuke for my attitude. 

My hands in the air are met with an invitation.

If you dare, come a little closer.

If I dare drop my demands. If I dare drop my pain and my sense of entitlement. If I dare...to come closer. To push in instead of push away. That is what Jesus keeps saying to me...come closer.

Closer to His heart. Closer to His generous nature. Closer to the one who resolves every internal conflict I have. Why? Why should I come closer?

Because in His presence is fullness of joy. The joy I am so very thirsty for.

Because at His right hand are pleasures forever. The satisfaction I am craving.

Because no good thing does He withhold from me. God is not stingy with me. He has not forgotten.

Even more than those things, I need to draw closer because He loves me.  With my hands in the air and my ultimatums...He still loves me. No matter how long I have been walking with God or how far I have come, I need to be loved. I never outgrow my need to hear Jesus tell me He loves me.

I'm not sure who you are,  if you hate Rihanna or if your voice is hoarse from screaming your demands to God. But, I do know that you need to be loved too. So, take another risk & be daring. 

Put down your stiff arms and listen past your own voice yelling. Do you hear it? Do you hear His invitation to you?

...He said, "If you dare come a little closer"...