fight the pirates


I spent the past week in Washington, DC. Perhaps you noticed  the complete lack of blog posts last week? Apparently I am technologically impaired and didn't schedule my blog the right way. Got home to find that none of them posted while I was away. Whoops.

One afternoon I was looking for a gift for my son in the Smithsonian gift shop. I came across an entire display of information about pirates. Books about the pirates that once plagued our coast, puzzles, pens & numerous other trinkets.

Gosh, I thought. I'm so glad they got rid of the pirates. I just don't think I would have done so well in the days of treasure and canons. Although, the costumes in "Pirates of the Caribbean" were neat. Other than that, I can't see any benefit of living in that time period.

The pirate paraphernalia brought to mind a slew of movies. The good guys always hiding from the pirates, going to the other side of the island to avoid detection, trying to outrun them... But in the end they all had to come face to face with the ragtag lot. They had to fight to pirates.

Somewhere among the replicas of the Constitution and oversized pencils I came to this conclusion: We still have to fight the pirates.

We still have things that are trying to rob us. We avoid them, try to outrun them or hide out waiting for them to leave us alone. The hard conversations, the confessions, the difficult decisions that must be made...we put them off hoping to escape. But they always find us. They are always waiting on the other side of the island.

I stood deep in thought amidst the flood of 8th graders on field trips. My mind rolled through all the little things that were robbing me from peace and truly moving on in certain areas. Most of them single conversations needing to be had and pesky habits. I thought about all the tactics I used to get around having to deal with them. My avoidance was costing me greatly in time and energy.

Right around the Lincoln Memorial snow globes I decided what I needed to do. I needed to fight the pirates.

I am telling you this story because I am guessing some of you are like me. You are trying to avoid the little robbers that take your peace, rest and ability to focus on the next thing. In the mean time you deplete your internal resources just trying to avoid the confrontation.

Lets learn a lesson from the movies people. No matter how hard we try, if we want the freedom to live the lives we want, we have to confront the robbers. No more beating around the bush.

Fight the pirates, people. Fight the pirates.


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