big dreams not small realities

Image I decided today that it was time to create something new. Life provides me plenty of limitations. Areas that need improvement. Aspects of myself that I can't change no matter how hard I try. Situations and circumstances that are beyond my control but within my realm of worry.

On Tuesday I talked about pain. Lets be honest, pain & frustration take a while to work out. I'm not saying to brush off your pain or minimize the value of what you are walking through. It's just that sometimes I draw the process out waaaaaay longer than I need to.

If I am not careful I get fixated on all that isn't going right at the moment. My small reality becomes a big shadow covering everything else. Tunnel vision sets in and I don't see anything except my failure and disappointment.

Truth be told, God has way bigger plans for me than the reality I am seeing at the moment. He isn't staring at my flaws, my minimal resources, or the restrictions that come with my situation. God has big dreams for me.

It is time to focus on big dreams not small realities.---> click to tweet

No more thinking about what we did wrong. We will do better next time.

No more wondering if it is too late to get started. Just time to start.

No more waiting until things change. Time to risk where we are right now with what we have.

Let go of the small reality you have your grip on. Chase something new, something bigger. Time to create a fresh & new dream with God.

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