I'd now like to interrupt your life with a very happy announcement.

It's pretty surreal that I get to write this post today. In fact, I've been waiting for over five years to say these words...

I rarely post personal updates on my site. But since we are friends I can't NOT tell you. Over five years ago we began the process of international adoption. The whole story is just way to involved to try and tell here. But take my word that it has been a long and adventurous five and a half years. When we started the estimated time was nine months. 

But life happened. And the world happened. And things just didn't go as planned - a truth all dreamers are familiar with. So we waited. And then today, about five years later than I expected, the phone rang. 

"I've got your referral right in front of me. You've been matched!"

I thought the moment would come with glitter canons and strobe lights. Maybe a great song would start playing in the background cued by such a significant moment. Instead I sat there alone on my bed and just breathed it in. 

A simple thought crossed my mind. " I knew it would happen."

And it happened in a quiet way. At the most inopportune time.

Burundi is in the midst of civil unrest. There was just an attempted coup. This is the least likely point in our five year journey for something to move. But it did. God didn't move the mountain on a sunny breezy day. He moved it in the midst of a storm when no one could even see through the smoke that anything was happening.

And that's how dreams happen, friends. In the quiet moments you never saw coming.

So this is my happy-can't-believe-we-finally-get-to-say-it announcement. We have officially been matched with five year old twins! A boy and a girl!    (I swoon). 

Now the process moves to the US side for a while. Then back to Burundi for court and a waiting period. I don't know the timeline - mostly because of the current events in Burundi. But if you follow me on social media I promise to keep you updated there.

Thanks for believing with me. 

It's not over yet by any means. But you gotta celebrate the milestones.

Love getting to live life with this amazing crew. 

Believing in you,

         Liz Griffin

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