Dreaming into 2018

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I am trying to wrap my head around the birth of 2018. How is that even possible? This year is a milestone for me in ways I can't articulate yet. For the first time in a few years I feel the courage to dream into the coming 12 months ahead. 

Something in me is waking back up and I pray you have the same sense of expectation and renewal I have. But regardless of what you feel...it is a new year. And that means my annual questions are rolling out for you to think through.

Grap a cup of your favorite something and enjoy.


1. What didn't work for me this past year? 

Think through relationships, strategy, time management and rhythms. Where were the kinks? What didn't go like you planned? Which areas created the most frustration for you? 

2. What did work? 

Think through relationships, goals, strategy, time management and rhythms. What worked for you? You need to make sure you carry those into 2018.

3. What did I learn?

So often we miss the opportunity to grow simply because we don't pay attention to the details. Look back and identify things you have learned about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses or your goals.

4. What have I forgotten?

Life happens and sometimes in the midst of it we loose pieces of ourselves. Are there elements of yourself that you have let fall away? Maybe a hobby, a skill or a dream of something you would do when you got "older". Take a bit of time to remember what you used to imagine your life would look like. Of course, most of that is beyond your control. But there may be a few things you need to remember about yourself in the process. 


4. What fires me up right now?

Things ebb and flow. Our passion is included in that. What areas of your life are you most passionate about right now? Which dreams give you energy? Take note because that is what you are most likely to give yourself to this coming year.

5. Who do I want to be? 

Life is much less about what we want to do and much more about who we want to be as people. Take time to think about the person you aspire to become. Having a strong sense of personal mission is important as you make decisions for the new year.

6. What do I want to do?

This is practical. List out all the dreams and ideas you've got. Next identify which one is best to pursue this coming year. Dreamers often get stuck under all the things we want to do that we can easily never take clear action on anything. There is only so much time in a day people. 

7. Define your radical.

This is no ordinary crew. You guys are ballers and that means taking risks and living a radical life for the things you are passionate about. What does living radically look like for you in this next year? 


8. What is the promise for this coming year?

I ask God every year to give me a word or a verse from the Bible for the coming months.  If you don't consider yourself a person of faith, then just write down what you are believing for this year.

9. This is the year that I _______________ .

Fill in the blank. Be realistic. Look at your earlier answers for some guidance. It can be an physical action you are going to do or an attitude you want to develop. 


10. What am I called to advance?

Each of us have a destiny and a calling. What is the thing you are made to advance and move forward this year? This is different than a personal goal. This is about something larger involving others. Are you called to advance justice? Family life? Hope? What are you going to do for others?

11. What do I need to learn and from whom? 

None of us have all the answers or wisdom to do the things we want to do. Gotta include other people. Look at your answers above. In order to do these things, what do you need to know? Who can help you learn the things you need to learn? 


12. What do I need to plan now to make it happen later?

If we don't plan, then we don't do. So look at your year and plan out now what you want to happen. When are you going to get quality time with family? Is there a conference you want to attend, a vacation you want to take, a planning retreat you need to make happen? Do it NOW. Figure out where it all goes in the calendar. 

13. What will I say "yes" to and what will I say "no" to?

Only 365 days people. Decide now what activities you will do this year and what you are going to have to decline. This can be challenging for people pleasers but deciding ahead of time helps you stay on track.

14. What are my weekly rhythms?

Revisit the first three questions. What do your weeks need to look like? When will you work out, invest in your close relationships, or leave space for creativity? 

15. Who do I need to hold me accountable to this?

Decide who to share these answers with and ask them to help you do what you said you wanted to do. Give them permission to point out when you are doing activities you said you wouldn't or falling back into habits that aren't helpful.

You guys are gold.

Taking 2018 by storm,

Liz Griffin

Liz Griffin