I don't have an empire


I may not have an empire, but I have a place.

There is no bustle of activity centered around me. No long list of emails to return. There is no interview I had to turn down. Nothing I have ever created is on Pinterest and it never will be. 

Willow Creek isn’t pursuing me for their Leadership Summit. Podcasts aren’t banging down my door for me to be a guest. I am not sorting through book deals. I speak in my own church and that is about it. 

Have I failed? 

If I am just an average person living an ordinary life...could I possibly be extraordinary? Could I still be useful even if I have no status? 

Some people have empires that are built around them. Empires of leadership. Empires of ministry. Empires of beauty, fitness and reality television. Empires of cuisine and free printable menu planners.

There is an empire for everything. 

Throughout history people have built empires. Their faces have been memorized and their stories read. 

I’ve never been the very best at anything & it has taken years to be okay admitting that. I’m good at several things, average in most things and terrible at a couple things. (mostly things involving sports equipment)

Books and podcasts abound to tell me how to be a more successful blogger or how to grow my social media presence. Webinars line my Facebook feed. Experts tell me that my poor grammar could cost me the ability to write a book. Speaking coaches say I need to spend a lot of money if I'm ever going to have a shot on a big stage.

So what?

What if famous, well known, sought after isn't all that important after all? I don't really care about famous anymore. To be honest, the only reason I every even cared was because society says famous is significant. Meaningful. World-changing. And I want to be those things. We all do.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But, I’m not so sure why I need to build Rome? Why can’t I build Pisa? A place only known for having an accidentally flawed & crooked tower?

I have a place and it isn’t so bad. 
I have four pairs of little eyes that light up when I pull out a board game.
I have a man who thinks I am the most beautiful woman alive.
I have a scattering of people who would say I have impacted their lives.
I have a God who makes up for all of my lack. 

We may not have empires. No one drops our names to get ahead or impress. But we matter. We are important and we are still a force to be reckoned with. We may not have empires but we have a place. 

Liz Griffin