Ghost Stories


There is a ghost in your story. As there is in mine.

An illusive shadow that taints the narrative being told. Some of us know what our ghosts are. Abuses endured. Lies we’ve told. Cruel words spoken to us.

Sometimes the ghosts are simply fearful myths we tell ourselves. Making us scared to keep walking down a path or causing us to spread rumors of the scary things in the dark. Insecurity and fear of failure are just some of those raw fears that linger when the lights go out.

Our narratives were originally crafted by God to hold beautiful and profound landscapes and plots. Instead we sit around our campfires sharing the worst and self-limiting versions of our tales. The ones where we see all the brokenness but never share the redemption.

You failed. But God sustained.

Health crises happened. But healing followed.

Rock bottom was sharper than you imagined. And yet God cushioned you with grace.

We all have stories with beauty and brokenness intertwined.

So we end up stuck in our condemnation, shame, fear and doubt. Afraid of our own stories we tell. The ghosts of those things haunting our days like a thin film that you almost can’t see.

The best thing about ghosts?

They aren’t real.

The pain, sin, shame and fear is real. We’d be foolish to believe it isn’t. After all, this world we live in is full of shards of once breathtaking things that now lay fragmented. Some of them by our own doing.

But what isn’t real is the perception of the ghost’s power. All that is needed for the ghost to be exposed is a little bit of Light.

God will take all the mess. All the pain. All the fear. He will hold it with tenderness, look us in our weepy eyes and tell us to stay close. It will all be okay.

The cross will do the rest of the work from there. Sin’s debt paid, forgiveness given and restoration beginning.

All we have to do is bring our ghosts into the Light and give God our stories back.

Liz Griffin