These four call me "mom" but everyone else calls me "Liz".

I'm a Texan by birth but have lived in Russia, Seattle and San Diego as well. Being a nomad runs in my veins. Along with glitter and lots of Diet Coke. 

Life changed for me in February 2018 when I had a stroke. Turns out I had an undiagnosed congenital heart defect which caused the stroke. In the process of getting imaging for the stroke doctors discovered two brain aneurysms and a growth on my thyroid. I spent three weeks in the hospital and the remaining spring recovering from the stroke. Oh, and having heart and brain surgery. That happened too.

People's stories are my obsession. I began traveling the world when I was six years old. I watched doctors work in makeshift clinics in the jungles of Guatemala and I realized something. Humanity is beautiful and worth celebrating.  

I've had tea with Hezbollah in Lebanon, visited nomadic families in Mongolia and held dying babies in Sudan. And I've learned something from all these people. From the college campuses of Texas to the icy Russian landscapes where I spent several years, people are longing for the same thing. We want the kind of life that shoots creative sparks like glitter into the air and has the virality of a Maclemore song.

Dreaming of a life bigger and bolder than what we are currently living. Each of us asking if the things inside of us matter. And that is why I write and speak. To make sure you know who you are matters. To make sure you know Jesus sees you right where you are.

Jesus is my lifeline. No, I'm not weird. But without Him I'd be a total mess. You can believe something else and we can still be friends, I promise. 

I started this place for the dreamers, doers, movers and shakers. I started it for you. 'Cause I think the stuff you carry inside you is gold. Pure gold.

The one who thinks you belong here,

Liz Griffin