The Most Fantastic Day

Every day with this man is a fantastic day...

I really needed a good day. These past few months have begun to take their toll on me. I have lived in 3 states since March, we are trying to raise $15,000 to complete our adoption, needing to figure out where my place of contribution was in ministry here,  we were trying to buy a house but didn't have a down payment...So many practical things. Plus, this past week I have been trying to fight off really anxious thoughts and the sense of being, well, mediocre. 

A few days ago I looked at all the things in my life that seemed to be swirling around me and said, "God. I need a break.". God heard my cry and gave me today...

8:30am : I woke up. Jady took the kids this morning so I could sleep in...(yes, with 2 small kids 8:30 is sleeping in) I then spent time with Jesus and had a relaxing morning with the kids.

12:00 : My 5 year old surprised me by making lunch for our whole family. The most tasty sandwiches, chips and fruit ever. 

1:30 : I got a massage. My mom gave me a voucher she had for a free 1 hr session at a local spa. It was heavenly. The lady beat me. She pushed on the knots in my neck so hard that I actually started sliding off the table. Oh, bliss.

3:00 : Arrive back at the house to find sleeping children. So, I got to take a nap. Glory!

4:30 : My dad comes home and with an envelope for Jady from someone else. We open it up and there was a $2,000 check for our downpayment! Really?!?!? 

4:50 : A different person calls on Jady's cell phone. They ask how much we still need for a downpayment. We say $2500. He tells us that he is sending us a check for that amount to cover the remainder! What!?!?! 

In 20 minutes God provided $4500 for our house out of the blue. We hadn't called these people and asked them to give. God just knew what we needed when we needed it. He knew I needed a day of complete rest. Sleep, relaxation and provision. He knew I needed a miracle. And He gave me one. 

So thankful for a kind God who blesses beyond what I deserve.